Sports Inflatable Guide

Bring fun and excitement to any event with the purchase of a Sports Inflatable.
From kids to adults , amateurs to pro’s, everyone loves to test his skills at hitting a home run, scoring a soccer or hockey goal, throwing that touchdown pass , or dunking the game winning basket.

Our vast selection of interactive sports inflatables draw attention at any pre or post game event as well as drawing crowds at trade shows, fundraisers, and media events.

Custom branding, team or company logo’s and /or advertising messages help enhance your inflatable and are an instant draw for you to capture the audience you desire.

All our sports inflatables are made in the USA and are easy to set up , take down ,and transport.
Each unit requires a blower motor powered by electricity to inflate.

The Radar Sports inflatable specialists are here to help you design your custom unit by showing you how you can take your team , organization, or companies colors , create your unique digitally printed backdrop and add logo’s or slogans to any of our large selection of inflatables.

Our extensive collection of sports related inflatables include:
Baseball Pitching Stations
Inflatable Speed Pitch
Batting Cages
Portable Soccer Kick
Hockey Slap Shot
Portable Hockey Rink
Basketball Shooting
Football Toss


*Choose your model type.
*Select your two desired colors.
*Decide where you would like the placement of your three included logo’s or name.
*Provide your specific image for your digitally printed backdrop.
* Email us your logo images and any artwork / picture for your backdrop in a high resolution image.

All inflatable units are made to order and are made in the USA of the highest American quality materials and workmanship. A full manufacturer warranty is also included.

Radar Sports also offers an extensive selection of sports radar guns and display board packages to enhance the fan or player experience.

Wether you are sports teams looking for fan entertainment or training , media outlets, sports equipment manufacturers, or Trade Show and event marketing specialists, let Radar Sports design your unique sports inflatable.