Radar Gun Guide

As there are so many different radar guns available in todays market it may seem confusing as to how to choose the correct radar gun you will need for your end use.
Radar Guns also range in price from low to high. This is dictated by the three most important factors when purchasing a radar gun
Accuracy –  Depending on the radar gun +/- 0.10 MPH to 2.0 MPH.
Range-  The distance away the radar gun can pick up the movement of the object depending on the size of the target and can be    up to 1 mile away.
Acquisition Time –  The time it takes for the radar gun to read the target. Depending on the radar gun, it can start recording the speed at 0.01 seconds.


– Designed to be specific to all sports applications.
Utilized by coaches , scouts , athletes ,little leagues, and even the back yard dad.Great for all sports including Baseball, Softball, Hockey, Lacrosse, Soccer, Tennis, Golf, Car Racing

Stalker Sport 2 Baseball Pro $$
Solo 2 All Sports Pro $$
Pro II All Sports Ultimate Pro $$$
ATS II Auto Pro $$
Sport Radar SR 3600 All Sports Intermediate $$
SRA 3000 All Sprots Intermediate $
NFSC II / IV Tennis Intermediate $$
DT100 Tennis Intermediate $$
Speed Trac Speedtrac X All Sports Intermediate $
Jugs The Jugs Gun Baseball Intermediate $$
Pocket Radar Pocket Radar All Sports Intermediate $
The Radar The Radar Golf Intermediate $
Bushnell Velocity II All Sports Entry Level $
The Ball Coach The Ball Coach All Sports Intermediate $$


– Designed to be specific to all moving vehicles.
These radar guns can be either hand held or dash /rear mounted.
They also can also be either used from a moving vehicle or from a stationary position depending on the radar gun required.Used for traffic control by
Local and State Enforcement Agencies
Gated Communities
College and University Campus Police
Anywhere vehicle speed requires monitoring

Brand Model
Decatur The Scout
GHD / EZ stat
Genesis 2 Select
Genesis 2 Directional
SI 3
Stalker ATS II
Phantom Phantom Hand Held
Phantom Patrol


– Designed for objects that move as slow as 4 MPH.
Fork Lifts, bicycles, runners
Most commonly used by Warehouses and Scientific / Educational Studies
Brand Model
Sports Radar SR 3600 /LS
Stalker ATS II
Solo 2
Dickey John Radar II
Decatur SI 3
Phantom Sports Pro


– Designed for a Specific End Use
Utilized for: Railroad Speed, Surface Velocity, Watercraft, and Archery
Brand Model Specialty
Decatur Rail Master II Railroad
Decatur SVR Surface Velocity
Brower TC Timing Ski, Skate, run
Contact one of our knowledgeable Radar Gun experts to help guide into the correct radar gun for your ultimate end use.