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1 – Transport Radar Speed Sign


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 Transport Radar Speed Sign

A Crucial Interactive Safety Device

The Transport Radar Speed Sign is one of the most versitle and interactive spped and safety devices on the market today. The sign does its crucial job by slowing vehicles down and making drivers aware that they are proceeding at unsafe speeds or are in a specific speed zone.

With its radar triggered display and library of signs, the Transport Radar Speed Sign is custom fit and ready to post in school zones, construction sites, speed bumps, high accident areas and public event sites. The uses for the Transport Radar Speed sign is limitless in providing quick, safe and efficient traffic control.

Available as

  • Two 12 inch Digit  – $2800
  • Two 12 inch Digit with “Slow Down Sign” – $2975
  • Two 18 inch Digit – $3100
  • Two 18 inch Digit with ” Slow Down Sign” – 3400
  • The most affordable Radar Speed Dolly for
  • Quick and Effective Traffic Control
  • A perfect solution for:
  • Public Events
  • Work Zones
  • School Zones
  • Law Enforcement
  • Neighborhood Watch
  • Made in the USA
  • Material- Aluminum
  • Includes – One 55 A/h Battery

Optional Accessories:

  • RF data link for programming sign
  • Data storage / micro SD card ( 10 years of storage)
  • Solar Panel with mounting bracket
  • 55 A/h battery
  • 100 A/h battery
  • Speed Limit Sign
  • Village Speed Limit Sign
  • Yellow ” Your Speed” High Intensity Sign 9″ x 18″
  • Custom Message Sign  8′ x 24″
  • School Sign 24″ x 8 ” Standard reflective yellow
  • Replacement 10″ Tires



Two 12 inch Digit, Two 12 inch Digit with “Slow Down Sign”, Two 18 inch Digit, Two 18 inch Digit with ” Slow Down Sign”


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