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7 – The TruCam


Traffic enforcement, highway safety, and evidence collection are raised to the next level when the TruCam is put to work by your police ,public safety departments, gated communities , security companies, and parking garages. The TruCam combines a laser with a digital video camera to create the most refined speed tool available anywhere. The TruCam is the industry’s only laser-based all in one video and photo camera on the market.

The TruCam measures the time and distance between vehicles through the use of its patented technology. The TruCam collects the data through radar and then back it up with both video and photo evidence. The TruCam is accurate with all vehicles on the road and is capable of enforcing multiple speeds from motorcycles to semi tractor trailers.

TruCam technology provides law enforcement or the courts with high-resolution images that allow for the identity of the make and model of a vehicle as well as the license plate number and facial characteristics of the driver.

Police can also measure the time and distance between vehicles to help enforce tailgating violations.

It is the only all-in-one handheld laser-based video and photo camera on the market.

The TruCam handheld unit is also more than a speed enforcement laser and video camera. The data collected by the TruCam feeds into any Geographic Information System (GIS) framework.

The TruCam technology prevents jamming, offers reliable data encryption, is compact and courtroom evidence efficient.

The TruCam will be a welcome addition to your traffic enforcement applications.


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