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6- Stalker Pro 2 Radar Gun with Display Board Package


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  • Stalker Pro II 2.5 LED Digit Display Package
  • Stalker Pro II 3.5 LED Digit Display Package

Stalker Pro II 3.5 LED Digit Display Package / Blue Tooth adapter

  • Designed for Professional Baseball customers.
  • This next generation radar gun tracks the pitched ball speed as well as the batted ball speed , or both.
  • This radar gun has been developed with the newest software and algorithms that yield greater range, sensitivity, and accuracy.
  • The Stalker Pro II Radar Gun is now paired with the newest speed signs built with the latest technology using high – intensity LED digits with no moving parts to break or wear out.
  • This display board is thinner then the old Stalker speed signs and can allow you to connect up to three speed signs to the Stalker Pro II radar gun to show Pitch, Plate and hit speeds simultaneously.

Stalker Pro II Key Features

  • Range – UP TO 300 Feet.
  • Direction Sensing – measures speed of pitches, hits, or both.
  • Simultaneously measures various ball speeds and times pitchers/runners.
  • Ball sensitivity rising above all previous guns – 300 feet.
  • Verified pitch speed accuracy.
  • Removable 7.2 volt, 2400 maHr Li-Ionbattery handle.
  • Rugged cast metal case.
  • Waterproof to 2 feet depth.
  • 2+ hours nominal transmit time.
  • The LCD and the 6 keys are backlit.
  • 2 speed windows, 5-digit status/speed window.
  • 10ms speed acquisition time.
  • 1-890 MPH ball speed range.
  • Low battery indicator.
  • Stopwatch mode (with optional cable).
  • Serial port connector standard.
  • MPH and KM/H.
  • Displays speed in whole units or tenths.
  • Adjustable sensitivity and low speed cutoff.
  • Continuing tracking with Peak speed locked.
  • Recalls 10 previous pitches.
  • ACCURACY – +/- 0.1 MPH

Stalker Pro II Display Board Features:

  • Stalker LED Speed Signs will interface with all Stalker Sports radar guns
  • Displays Speeds in Whole Units( 2.5 Display board) and Tenths (3.5 Display board)
  • Rotating Feet that fold parallel to the sign’s case for easy storage
  • 15.5′ wide x 9.5′ high x 1.375′ deep (2.5 digit display board)
  • 18.5′ wide x 9.5′ high x 1.375′ deep (3.5 digit display board)
  • Weighs 6.05 lbs(2.5 digit display board)
  • Weighs 8.0 lbs (3.5 digit display board)
  • Digit Height – 8.0

Packages include

  • Stalker Sport Radar Gun
  • LED Speed Sign
  • Standard Deluxe Tripod
  • Hard Case
  • Battery Charging System
  • Cables, mounts and Manuals
  • 12 Month Warranty

2.5 Display Board Package, 3.5 Display Board Package, 3.5 Display Board Package w/ Bluetooth


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