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3 – Scout Radar Gun


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The Scout Radar Gun

Stay Up to Speed with a Nimble and Accurate Wireless Radar System


If you want your Police, Sherrif or Constables Department to stay up to speed on the latest wireless radar gun technology, then look no further then the Decatur Electronics Scout Radar Gun.

Having all of your patrol vehicles carry the Scout Radar Gun helps reduce DUI/DWI, speeding, aggressive driving and traffic fatalities. In its more passive used the radar gun helps enhance enforcement of school safety speed zones and lower residential neighborhood speed restrictions.

What makes The Scout Radar Gun stand out from its competitors is its lifelong MiMH rechargeable AA battery unit. Prior to the innovative battery pack the Scout had to be plugged into the police vehicle. Now officers can operate the Scout Radar Gun from either a car or while on patrol.

The Scout also comes with a 12V power source that can be easily charged with a car adaptor.


  • Cordless Car charger included
    • Directional radar
    • Track and lock the faster target
    • Rugged polycarbonate housing
    • Track-Through-Lock
    • Data port
  • The Scout’s directional capabilities allow it to display whether traffic is moving towards or away from the officer or to only display traffic moving in a particular direction.
  • The FASTER target capabilities allow you to lock in the speed of the faster of two targets. Features like these characterize radar twice the Scout’s price, but come standard.
  • Stationary Accuracy – + / – 1 MPH ( +/- 1 km/h)
  • Target Speed Range – 12-209 mph
  • Operating Frequency- K-Band 24.150 GHz
  • Beam Width – 12 degrees nominal


Weight 9 lbs

EZ Stat Traffic Logger, Hard Carry Case, Scout Radar Gun Only


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