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Promounds Radar Pitching Trainer


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Speed is Important but its Accuracy that Wins the Game.

Nothing beats the excitement of seeing a pitcher throw a blazing 90 mph fastball. But when it comes to winning the game it’s getting it over the plate that counts.
While most radar guns measure pitch speed they do not have the capability to call balls and strikes. It’s time to bring the umpire into the game with the Promounds Radar Pitching Trainer to call balls, strikes, outs and walks for three full innings .
Not only does the Radar Pitching Trainer accurately calculate pitch speeds but the Electronic Umpire is always behind the plate every time you take the mound. The virtual ump calls them as he sees them, and never misses a ball, strike or out.
Whether you’re hurling your fastball or tricking the hitter with a change up the Radar Pitching Trainer will give you an accurate speed reading time and time again.
Whether you are looking for accuracy in baseball or fast pitch softball, the Radar Pitching Trainer will never throw you a curve.

Calculates pitch speed from 20 to 95 mph (baseball or fast pitch softball).
Ball speed is calculated from pitcher’s release point.
Radar for baseball can be set for 45’ or 60’6”.
Radar for fast pitch softball can be set for 40’ or 43’.
NEW Feature! On/Off Speed display switch
Virtual electronic umpire automatically calls balls, strikes, outs, and walks (simulates an at bat and 1⁄2 inning)
Proprietary software records the following statistics: Total Pitch Count, cumulative strikes, balls, outs and walks.
Large Electronics Display can be easily read from 60ft. in all lighting conditions.
Long battery life – electronics run 80 to 100 hours on 4 D cells (no power cords).
Heavy duty 16 gauge steel frame with collapsible hinge for easy storage and portability.
Durable pitching target and strike zone.
Trainer can be used with pitches over 90 mph with occasional replacement of vinyl target and strike zone.

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