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The Finest Fully Dedicated Tennis Radar Gun on the Market

The NFSC II tennis speed system consistently delivers the most accurate serve speed measurements on tennis courts throughout the world. The NFSC II is a uniquely dedicated system that when properly installed virtually eliminates the “cosine factor” that plagues the accuracy of many lower quality systems.

Whether you use the NFSC II to enhance the match experience for members or spectators at your tennis club or for use on a personal home court, this radar gun will give you optimum performance and reliability.

The NFSC II system comes with two radar units. The two units provide for accurate speed readings at either end of the court. The NFSC II includes a bright 8” LED display and all the accessories needed for easy installation.

There are many multi-functional radar guns on the market that measure serve speeds, but if you want the most highly sought after accurate unit, exclusively dedicated to tennis, look no further then the NFSC II.

Weight 1 lbs


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