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Net Playz Smart Pro Speed Vision Speed Radar


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Seeing is believing and the Net Playz Smart Pro Speed Vision

Speed Radar provides both a video records and a data stream about sport

performance. Advanced radar technology, the Smart Pro can measure

speeds between 2 and 200 mph. A high definition video camera can

record every pitch, swing, shot or kick. A remote wristband puts the

controls of this amazing coaching tool right at your fingertips. The

Smart Pro puts all of this high tech into one package you can take on to

the field, with its carrying case and telescoping tripod.

The Net Playz Smart Pro Speed Vision Speed Radar is good for

any sport where speed is a critical ingredient. Simple adjustments can

make the Smart Pro perfect for baseball, softball, hockey, tennis,

lacrosse, or soccer. With the wrist band remote control, the Smart Pro

can be used for solo practice sessions or for entire team workouts.

The Doppler radar and the HD wide-angle video camera are the

perfect duo to capture both the speed and technique of your players. The

1080P/30FPS video and the speed measurements can be recorded on to

an included 4GB SD card or downloaded to smart phones, tablets or

laptops. Smart Pro has an app, available at Apple or Google online app

stores. With a few clicks, videos and data can be posted on all social

media sites; Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and others.

Use the best in technology to get the best out of your players. The

Smart Pro Speed Vision Radar System – $ 119.99

Weight 4 lbs


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