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2 – Genesis Handheld Directional Radar Gun with EZ Stat Package


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Genesis Hand Held Directional Radar Gun with EZ Stat Package


Effective Policing Requires Reliable Equipment

There is strength in numbers. If your Police, Sheriffs or Constable Departments are looking to equip all of your officers with the most high-tech and cost-efficient radar unit on the market, look no further than the Genesis Hand Held Directional Radar Gun with EZ Stat Package.

Having all of your patrol vehicles fitted with the Genesis helps reduce DUI/DWI, speeding, aggressive driving and traffic fatalities. In its more passive used the radar gun helps enhance enforcement of school safety speed zones and lower residential neighborhood speed restrictions.

While offering the most cost-efficient radar gun on the market, the Genesis from Decatur also provides some cutting edge features like 32-bit DSP processing, greater depth of signal, faster response and greater accuracy.

The addition of the EZ Stat Package allows for advanced traffic data collection that can easily be downloaded into a computer.


       Genesis Hand Held Directional Radar Gun with EZ Stat Package


  • The Genesis Handheld Directional radar gun packs advanced direction sensing technology into an easy to use radar gun , teamed up with the EZ Stat speed data capture module.
  • The GHD was designed to offer law enforcement the highest quality radar available at the lowest price. Nobody else offers directional radar at this price.
  • Speed enforcement helps to reduce DUIs, aggressive driving and traffic fatalities. Why not outfit every vehicle in your fleet? With this low cost radar, every department can afford to expand its traffic safety program. Save money and demonstrate a commitment to community safety programs, such as school zone and neighborhood speed monitoring.

The GHD features:

  • Direction Sensing Technology in a K-Band Antenna
  • Simple-To-Use Stationary Format
  • Display Approaching or Receding Traffic
  • Display Traffic in Both Directions
  • Isolate Traffic in One Direction
  • Track and Lock the FASTER Target
  • Easy-To-Read LCD Display
  • Target and Lock Speeds Displayed
  • 32-Bit DSP for Fast Target Acquisition
  • Rugged Polycarbonate Housing
  • Track-Through-Lock
  • Communications Port
  • Pure Audio Doppler (Not Synthesized)
  • Software Upgradeable (Via Data Port)
  • Available in KPH ( CALL TO ORDER )
  • The EZ Stat communicates with the radar via serial connections.
  • Speed data is recorded to the EZ Stat’s internal memory. The traffic data can then be easily downloaded to a computer, where the included EZ Stat software makes traffic data analyzation and reporting simple.

Examples of Traffic Data Recorded by the EZ Stat Traffic Data Logger:

  • Traffic data survey reports
  • Max traffic speeds
  • Average traffic speeds
  • Traffic time/speed intervals
  • Number of vehicles above traffic speed limit
  • Total number of vehicles
  • EZ Stat Traffic Data Logger Software
  • The EZ Stat software application is user-friendly, easily analyzed and charted in Microsoft Windows© Excel (98, 2000, ME, NT, XP).
  • The software simplifies traffic data analyzation and offers an array of chart templates so you can generate charts of traffic data with only a few clicks.

GHD with EZ Stat Package Includes:

  • GHD radar gun
  • 12 VDC Cigarette plug adapter
  • EZ Stat Module
  • EZ Stat Port installation on GHD
  • 5 DC Adapter
  • Installation CD
  • EZ Stat  user Manual
  • The GHD’s directional capabilities allow it to display whether traffic is moving towards or away from the patrol car, or to only display traffic moving in a particular direction. The FASTER target capabilities allow you to lock in the speed of the faster of two targets. Features that characterize radar twice the GHD’s price come standard.
  • Stationary Accuracy – +/- 1MPH
  • Target Speed Range – 5-200 MPH (9-322 km/h)
  • Operating Frequency- K-Band – 24.150 GHz


Weight 14 lbs


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