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4 – DragonEye Compact


Are you looking for the most lightweight LIDAR traffic enforcement traffic system on the market? If an easy to handle 1 pound, deadly accurate LIDAR gun is on your acquisition list then the DragonEye Compact is the product for you.

The use of LIDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) continues to grow and will soon be the gold standard for speed detection. The legendary DragonEye Compact’s state of the art LIDAR technology has been proven to have its data hold up in court time and time again.

A continual problem for law enforcement is the use of laser interceptors that allow drivers who own them to slow their vehicles down when LIDAR is detected. With a 0.3 second acquisition time the DragonEye, using its advanced anti-jamming ECCM state of the art technology equipped with proprietary algorithms, will not be fooled. By the time a detector recognizes the DragonEye’s Compact LIDAR signal, law enforcement officers will already have a speed reading on the driver.

The DragonEye Compact is chock full of traffic enforcement tools for such a lightweight unit. The Compact features true color, unity power heads-up display for rapid target acquisition, up to 3000 feet and 16 hours of continuous operation on just two standard AA batteries.

If you want the best compact LIDAR system on the market that will never be fooled, choose the DragonEye Compact.

The DragonEye is also utilized by gated communities, parking garages, security management companies, parking lot security, and warehouses etc…


• Unity magnification heads-up-display (HUD) sighting system for rapid target acquisition and less eye strain

• High resolution side matrix with auto-on backlight for easy viewing of previous speed

• Compact, lightweight and easy to stow
• Operates off of two AA (Double A) Alkaline or NiMH rechargeable batteries • Weighs only 1 lbs (455 grams) with batteries
• Select Distance or Speed measurement
• Choose between Speed, Range or Weather Modes of operation

Can be equipped with proprietary anti-jamming algorithms

• Easy to use controls with dedicated brightness, volume and weather buttons.

• Speed Range: 5 to 200 MPH (8-320 Km/h) • Distance Resolution: +/- 0.1 ft (3.0 cm) • Eye Safety: FDA CDRH Class 1 (Optional IEC 8025 Class 1 or Class 1M) • Water Resistant • 1/3 Second acquisition time • IACP certified

Weight 4 lbs


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