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Of all the laws that govern the way vehicles are operated, the one violated the most often is the speed limit. Most people obey the laws but sometimes they make mistakes or perhaps there is an emergency and they are in a rush. But more often than not, people ignore the speed limit because they do not believe they will be caught. For those law enforcement agencies in charge of protecting the public and enforcing the laws, speeding motorists are to be expected. When they are spotted the police need the proper tools, such as a police radar gun, to determine the speed of the violators so that they can ensure that the summons they write are accurate.
Our police radar guns are the best available, made to the demanding specifications of law enforcement departments nationwide and fully tested for proper functionality. All of our police radar guns are designed for ease of use by law enforcement officers and to be easily calibrated to ensure accuracy at all times. Additionally, the portable police radar guns that we offer are meant for ease of use and easy storage when not in use. One of the most highly utilized law enforcement radar guns is the Phantom hand held and the Genesis II select.
For those municipalities that are have certain areas where the speed must be continually monitored, such as near schools , churches, malls, industrial parks, where foot traffic is more prevalent, we offer a line of roadside speed dolly’s and radar trailers. The police radar gun can be installed or positioned to not only monitor the speed of motorists passing through but also flash the speed at which they are traveling as an urgent reminder to obey the traffic laws such as the On site 300 speed trailer.
Contact one of our helpful experts to guide you with your speed monitoring solutions in our wide selection of hand held, dash mount, or speed trailers and dollies.